Tiny little blessings…1

We are regularly asked to practice what we preach but when we look deep,we fault on many occasions.

However,this lady who sat by me today in church indirectly taught me a lesson.

We had listened to the sermon on the topic,’humility ‘ where the preacher delivered the topic with examples.

It was time for the second 0ffering and as usual,we were told how God was going to bless all who partook in the offering . This took people out of their sits to go receive the “special” blessing.

I had just returned from work in order to attend mass quickly because I had missed 2 previous Sunday masses due to work. I didn’t have time to pick any extra money but to leave with the #50 transport I needed to take me back to work after church. 

This beautiful lady beside me must have wondered why I was not interested in the special blessing but I wasn’t perturbed. 

As I was admiring the various dress styles on people who had gone to donate money,she quickly opened my palms and squeezed in some change for me to go receive my blessing.

I was amazed.

This reminds me so much of my childhood when the elders would give us money to go drop offering on their behalf in church. 

This was different. She was a young lady like me, no ring on her finger,probaby single.

I chatted her afterwards to realize that she didn’t even have a job…but had come down to my town to acquire some skills to be an entrepreneur.

It blesses my soul when I see a young lady who looks out for the good of a fellow woman without the envy,jealousy and malice that we are usually tagged with.

If you are such woman who wants the best for another, encourages and uplifts another, then you are my friend.

I’ve made myself a friend today and I pray we don’t regret this friendship.