One thing I want to do

I  want to please everyone

I don’t want anyone to be mad at me

I don’t want anyone to feel bad because I  disagree with their opinion 

I am scared that my speaking out may bring me trouble

I want everyone to see me as “the good”

I do not want people to know my stance in some matters because they may win the argument that follows, making me feel bad

I don’t want the public to have a negative opinion about me

If I must write or speak in public,it will be only what I  feel people will accept

Thus,I refuse to be freely me and speak the truth I am convinced of

I refuse to have a say because of fear of rejection

I refuse to say or act right because of fear of not getting everyone’s approval

I remain in my shell

Rearing out my head only behind the masses

Nodding in approval at other people’s stories and convinction

I do not want to be criticised for anything because I will feel hurt

I do not want someone to question my dreams and goals because I don’t want to feel bad

I refuse to speak the truth or act right just because I am afraid of how people will react

I refuse to take bold steps because the world may think I am stupid

I  have refused to do one thing, just because of what people may say

Until I understand that I may be the voice of that voiceless group of people who I do not even know

Until I am ready to absorb criticisms, stand firm on what I believe without being swayed by just any wind that blows

Until I am ready to stand for something and not just sit on the fence

Until I am ready to voice my opinion without fear of people calling it a stupid opinion,even if they do

Then I am ready to do that one thing

I am ready to grow