He was a great teacher,  teaching them the best way of life.
He pointed out their sins to them,  corrected their wrongs.
He healed the sick amongst them,
the blind He made to see, 
the lame He made to walk,
the deaf and dumb communicated,
those taken captives by evil spirits were set free. 

Yes,  He went about doing good.
But what did get in return?
One of His very own person sold Him for just a token,  just when they had even wined and dined together.
What other betrayal could be worse?

The angry mob came for him with clubs,  knifes and any weapon you could think of,  as though they had come to persecute someone worse than a serial killer.
They took Him away.

They humiliated him,  spat on him,  jeered at him,  just because he was a good man. 
They could not bear the fact that someone seemed to know about the kingdom of God more than them.
Their ego didn’t let them see nor hear the truth. 
They sought the biggest lies in their memory against him but found none.
They tried harder but could not find no wrong in him,  but hatred filled their hearts that they couldn’t repent from their wrong.
All that mattered was to judge Him.
They just wanted to succeed in condemning him.

And you my brethren may ask,
“why did not God intervene?  
Why did he let the enemy win?  Why did he let the wrongdoers succeed in condemning His only Son,  our Lord Jesus Christ who had done no wrong?

Just the same way I ask sometimes,
“If God loves me, why is He allowing me through this trial?  What wrong have i done to deserve an unfair life?”

The answers are the same ,
“that the name of God be glorified and  when we finally pull through the cross,  He will lift us up higher than the ground we have been and all the world will see and hear our story and say, 
“The Lord is indeed good,  all the time”



Overcoming Self

Over the past two months, I have not written a word neither to myself nor to dear readers via my blog.
It has been due to some inconsistencies in the way life has been, though in all, I thank God.
However, I realized that it was not just the inconsistencies of which most have been overcome. The major stumbling block was “myself”.

Ideas of what to write keep flooding in but I find myself struggle to at least sit at a place and coordinate them.
Even when I get to sit and grab my paper and pen or rather my phone to type directly into it, out of laziness, I find myself deviating to other distractions.
When I eventually remember why I have my phone and then visit my blog, I get discouraged probably because of trying to figure out how to begin my sentence or the suitable title to use.
The result therefore being, “no blog again” and I go about my activities.

However, I have decided to “overcome self” and this is by recovering the purpose why I started blogging.


I am not a writer neither did I love literature back in school but I decided to write because,
I realize that when ideas come, I implement them better when I have them written down.
This spurred me to having diaries but I decided to make my posts public for people to see my opinion in the concerns of life and either learn from them or criticize constructively to correct me on the better opinion.
Hence, the birth of my blog.

This brings me to reason for having a purpose in life pursuit.
If you don’t have a purpose, you find yourself easily discouraged in what you lay your hands upon.

Above all purposes is one which every living being must find and that is,
“What is the purpose of my existence?” ” Why has God chosen me to be among those in the land of the living today?”
When you discover this purpose, life will stop being just a horrible, boring, wicked, unfair one but rather a place of peace in Christ Jesus amidst all its terrible storms.

Seek God, discover your purpose today.
#happy new year friends.

Excuse me, dear Excuse

When I was growing up, still growing though, our primary school teacher gave us an assignment to find out what a doctor who specialized in ear, nose and throat was called.
I got home and asked my doctor who happened to be my mum, though not by profession.
I was disappointed not because she could not supply the answer but because I dreaded the suggestion she gave which was to go ask the doctor in a nearby hospital.
Oh no! Those people scared me. I did not know why.
I realized it when we visited a hospital and my mum asked me to follow her to the doctor’s consultation room.
I shook with fear wondering what was going to happen in there.
Will he ask me questions?
Will he find out an ailment and give me injection or carry out any painful procedure even though I was not the patient.
For all I cared, they were demi-gods who would find out the unknown in you.
To me, they had this invisible masquerade mask which every child should fear and their room did not always have good news associated with it as seen in movies. I was afraid of them, even worse when they wore that white coat.

When she told me to go enquire about my assignment from the doctor, I quickly retorted, “the assignment is not compulsory”
I told her how our teacher was joking when she asked the question, giving every possible excuse not to go visit the doctor.
As my police woman, not by profession still, she insisted.

I thought and thought, then finally dragged myself to the hospital.
I met the receptionist, asked after the doctor and she said he was attending to a patient. Yes, that was an excuse for mum.
I asked the receptionist my question, who told me they were called, “ear, nose and throat doctors”.
I thanked her very very well and hurried home not even thinking twice about waiting for the doctor.
Got home, my “police” said I should go back and wait for the doctor. Busted

I remembered this story because I was sitting quietly in our office and one man just burst in to make enquiries with all boldness, even speaking English like Americana without flinching a brow.
What gave him such effrontery into this place? I thought.
Is here his father’s house?
In my chicken mind, I thought I could compare him to my childhood self.
But it was very clear that he actually is an adult and as an adult, he behaved like one.

Back when I was a child, I thought and acted like a child.
I wanted something but was not bold enough to go for it.
I rather gave all excuses in the world why I should not give a try to finding an answer to my question. What did that earn me? A chance not to add to my knowledge.

On the other hand, this man wanted something as well but did not chicken out at any excuse even though what he came for could not be granted, but he gave it a try. At least he got an advice on a way out.

It happens. Most of us refuse to grow, be it academically, career-wise, spiritually and otherwise.
We allow excuses fill our minds.
We hear things such as,
“No, I was not born with a silver spoon and therefore, the tops are only for the privileged rich” or
“my brain is not as sharp as my mate’s and therefore, I cannot be the best in my class” or
“I do not think I can let go of this evil habit and therefore, I cannot get closer to God” and the excuses go on.
My tutor would tell me, “avoid giving excuses. Whatever has to be done, do it” and I add, “so long as it bears a good cause”

What fear have you, not to proceed on a mission or that idea you are passionate about?
You think you may be disappointed?
You are afraid of taking the risk?
You think you cannot do it or you think the end of the tunnel is also dark?
No. Remember, God has not given you the spirit of fear but of love, power and of a sound mind(2 Tim 1:7).
Do not act the child who placed her fears before her hence achieving nothing, but the man who focused beyond the obstacle of being disappointed and rather got a stepping stone to his dream.


More than a dream

It seemed like I was dreaming but the noisy tone continued, interrupting my one-hour night rest or rather morning rest because it was 5am.

It was my elder sister ringing my mum’s phone which was with me. I picked the call and she said, “go give mum the phone”.
I already knew why she called. I gently walked to her room, handed her the phone and watched her receive the call.
All of a sudden, she started jumping up and down, screaming praises to God, not minding that she  disturbed the neighborhood who were probably trying to wake up from sleep.
Wow. I didn’t know she still had such energy in her.
Amidst the praises, she rejoiced at how she is now “Nne Barrister”.
My dad rejoiced in his own manly way.
It was indeed a joyous morning in my household.
To me, it is more than a dream come true with respect to the story behind it.

Who would have thought that,
Juliet Oliver would become a legal practitioner?
Or that she would go through her somewhat challenging childhood during her primary and secondary schools, yet mum not giving up on her?
Or my parents could train her through the “money-craze” Madonna University even when they were advised not to, considering the situation at hand?

Or my parents would stand against all odds even when they were advised to withdraw her from the extremely expensive tuition for the average Nigerian?
Or my mum would believe in her with so much faith even when the future was not forthcoming.

You see the word, faith, ask my mother about it.

I remember asking my mother when I heard she was about to pull a stunt by sending my sister to that university,
“mum, wait o…what is your plan? Do you have money somewhere else or what? What is giving you so much confidence in this?” I asked because I knew my parents’ capability but she just smiled without saying anything.

Today is a testimony in my household.
Today is a reminder that if you believe, you can achieve.
Today tells me that you should not give up on someone or something just because you think it may not be fruitful.
Today, I am told that besides being the most patient people, our parents are as well the strongest and most enduring beings ever.

Will you believe you can do that which you lay your hands upon?

Will you encourage yourself to remain steadfast in the faith even when the going seems tough?

Will you say to yourself, if others can, then you too can and even better?

And most importantly, will you believe that there is nothing too hard for God to do?

If yes, you just set yourself on the mind blowing track that will manifest the glory of God in you.
He did it in my household, He will do it for you and even more.
You are favored, God’s beloved child.


Where is the service in this servitude?

All I wanted most was to be done with the so called “education”
My classmate, Amaka, once said, “how I wish I met who invented education, I would have killed him earlier”
It is somehow true, though ignorance is not better anyway.

Who invented education, by the way?

Life as a post graduate has been somewhat interesting.
Though it is just the beginning but one thing that gives me pure joy is the fact that I am no longer under pressure of keeping up with seventy-five percent attendance or severe tension of wanting to pass an examination to ascend the next level or having an almost always triangular life of school, hostel, social/religious gathering.

Nahhh, life has been fair enough to relieve me of those.
However, the all-fun life thereafter does not seem to be forthcoming as anticipated.

Few days ago, I happened to sit behind the desk to attend to someone’s need. After the chitchat, the person was gone and I waited, hoping that I would be useful enough to assist another person in need but the wait seemed like forever.
I resorted to my nearest companion, my device, but the battery was dead. I looked around for any interesting thing to read, in dismay, I found none. Even if I wanted to take a walk, I could not because it was raining and besides I could not leave since my boss was still around.
You could imagine what was written all over me, “boredom”
No, this is not what I bargained for.
Who would want to sit at one place or rather pace around the four walls of a room doing nothing? Mbanu (no!)

For those of us who do not like to remain at one place for long, it makes us wonder how we are serving humanity as we hoped for back in the days, other than sitting at a place like slaves being ordered by their masters to make no move or be punished.

I know there will be a time when we will be out and about, running errands for our masters as part of the ladder to greater heights, sounds like a tough beginning though but we will keep encouraging ourselves with the words, “we too, will get there” and when that happens, we may now boldly ask with all smiles saying, “where is the servitude in this service?”

But, karma why?

Wondering what my home parish must be like after being away for a long while, I dressed up for mass, attempting my best.

I went to church anticipating the usual joyous gathering of a family. The mass went on while I flowed without noticing much changes from the last time I visited.

It was now time for Holy communion, I queued up with fellow worshippers.
Just as it got to my turn to go kneel before the priest, I got the humbling experience.
The usher directed me instead, to join the line of those who were returning to their sits after receiving the communion. But I have not received. She refused me from the communion.

As one who prepared for the sacrament, I didn’t react but walked gently back to my sit not knowing if to smile or feel embarrassed because I felt people noticed, if not those sitting on the front pew.

I was later informed when I inquired, that it was because of my sleeveless dress. Arrgghh, but that is my usual church dress and besides no one mentioned about the new rule.

Could it be karma remembering me?
Back in my secondary school, I happened to be in charge of students who were to leave the school compound to go worship.
Being in authority, I gave orders that they either wore the school’s navy blue berets or white scarfs but no bed sheets or pillow cases as was the norm for most junior students who had lost their berets.

Just as we were about leaving the school gate, I noticed one junior student who used pillow case as her scarf.
I told her to go back and use appropriate head cover, knowing fully well that she may not make it back in time and that was how she missed the mass that day.
I regretted it, anyway.


I ask again, could it be karma that made me experience such embarrassment in return?

I don’t even know the lessons to learn but I think I’ll have to be kinder next time and also use any authority position given me to help people and not being unnecessarily rigid.
As for my church, I have no choice than to behave in Rome like the Romans.
Heaven is our goal!

The things we really do not see


Have you tried looking into your neighbor’s eyes to respond appropriately to his good morning whereas you just awoke from a horrible nightmare?

Have you laughed out loud at your colleagues’ jokes whereas you just got boxed by your boss?

Have you gone on a date with a human version of diazepam yet you looked so interested in all he or she said to you, not to make them feel bad?

Have you been in a classroom while your teacher looked straight at u and you returned the look with apt attention yet you did not understand a thing?

Have you stared at your book because others were doing same yet you did not even see a word since your eyes were soaked with tears?

Have you ever beamed that charming smile at almost all passersby yet there’s this heartbreak tearing you to shreds?

The word PRETENCE is not far from the dictionary of most of us, if not everyone. We apply it almost daily.

If only we can see beyond the faces of each other . We, most times have a reason to pretend not to let people know our weaknesses, fears, struggles and all.

I don’t mean pretence in the sense of acting a rich kid in school whereas your parents struggle with three square meals each day.

Maybe when next we see someone smile at us, we return it at least. You never can tell how life has been for each other.
Therefore, strive not to be that man or woman who would only add salt to another’s injury.
Be cheerful even in your uncheerfulness.