Where is the love?

Just when I was about to rest from the day’s activities, I heard people raise their voices.
I got closer to know what was happening.
It was the members of a deliverance ministry close by.
The owner of the ministry shouted at how people accused her of using charms in her ministry and all what not.

It was not the accusations that bothered me but the reaction to them.
I watched with dismay as the woman shouted, ” all those who accuse me of using charms, they will die one by one”
One of her church members shouted, amen, adding that they will go to their burials and eat rice while she danced.

Jesus Christ! I could not believe this.
What happened to the love Jesus preached, even to our enemies.

Sometimes, I wonder what our fate would have been if Jesus reacted same way every time we sinned. The world must have been wiped away.

The above scenario is not different from the woman who rained curses on someone whom she said was making work difficult for a cleaner by leaving faecal matter at the wrong place.

I am not saying the offenders should go on with their act but how do we who claim we are Christians,  let alone a minister or a pastor if we cannot live as Jesus whom we preach, lived.

It makes my heart bleed when curses rain without resistance from our mouths.
Condemn the wrongs, yes, but let God judge the supposed wrongdoers.
We bless, even when persecuted. It is never easy but it is a cross we must carry to follow Him.

Maybe, when next you want to curse that brethren, even with the common, “it shall not be well with you”, think about what out fate would have been if Jesus reacted same way to our sins.

Lest we forget, He died for us while we were yet sinners ROM 5:8.



The many lies I told

As a child, the people within my community told me that I was a special kid.
They told me how different I was among my peers.
They said these because they believed I was very intelligent.

Funny enough, their analysis of intelligence was only because I could read from an elementary five(5) class Reader textbook¬† fluently while I was in elementary three(3) class….lol.

With all the childhood love from my community, I did not hesitate to believe that I was naturally or rather born intelligent……what a lie.

Unfortunately, I did not realize that knowledge is  not usually innate but acquired and that success is usually preceded by hardwork, until¬† I went in for a biology test without preparing for it.
My lovely teacher graced my answer sheet with a beautiful Zero score.
My teacher, being kind enough, did not fail to include my large eyes and nose within the big Zero I scored….lol

When I advanced into my teen years, one of my friends gave me a book on temperament, written by Tim Lahaye, titled, “why you act the way you do”.

When I opened the first few pages, it contained some difficult truths.
I refused to accept the glaring temperament to which I belonged because the weaknesses associated with it were too “sinful” to be accepted, as I made myself believe.

After I flipped through a few more chapters, I quickly concluded that I had the Holy Spirit-controlled temperament…… another big lie.

You know what that meant? 
I declared myself perfect, devoid of weaknesses and therefore had no mistake to be corrected.

You also know the effect?
I refused growth in some areas of my life and truly, there is nothing as immature as refusing to accept you have a fault and consequently refusing to be corrected and grow.

What lies have you been telling yourself?
You can deceive other people, but not yourself.
If you refuse to accept some truths about you and about life in general, and one of the uncertainties of life hits you, trust me, recovery from it will exhaust you except the grace of God finds you.

To my religious brethren, especially the supposed faith-laden ones, no one says you should not believe you are healed when your health is actually deteriorating, neither do I say you should not believe you have money when your wallet makes you cry like it was onions.

Tell yourselves the truth and work hard to make some earnings, visit the nearest health centre for God to use the health workers and restore your health.
Nevertheless, I believe in miracles.

Even our Lord Jesus Christ will tell you to carry your cross and follow Him.
No cross, no crown!
Accept your weaknesses and incapabilities and allow Jesus perfect your imperfections.
Probably this post made me choose my favorite verse this week, “Let him that thinks he stands take heed, lest he falls” 1 Cor 10:12.
Brethren, tell yourselves the truth.