My 2016 January kid.

Sometime last month, I was taken aback by the act of a young boy in my parish. Probably, it is a norm elsewhere but I don’t get to see the very young kids serve mass at the altar often.

However, this time, I saw not just a young kid but a very little one.
The first time I saw him serve at the altar with all seriousness during mass, I was astonished because he seemed too little.
I decided to meet him later and probably take a picture with him as he was instantly my real MVP but unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone.

This just reminds me of a short video I watched from someone’s phone.
In it, this amazing young boy of about eight years stood behind the pulpit and said, amongst other statements,
“It’s not about how young or old you are, God can use you” and yes, I totally agree.

When I see some kids and the ministering aura they have, be it while singing, praying, producing harmonious beats to varying songs just like my beloved 4yr Asher, it leaves me in awe believing that truly, age is no barrier.

Unfortunately, sometimes we see parents making excuses for their children’s misconducts.
You mostly hear them say, “he’s just a kid”.
I believe the advice of Prov 22:6 still remains indispensable.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

To my January 2016 kid, who probably is not yet on facebook and may not read this my post, I admire your zeal for being used as God’s workmanship.

My cousin, beloved 4yr Asher and I