Strip me of that wig that conceals the baldness I was born with.
Strip me of that foundation and concealer that concedes my big painful pimples and dark spots
Strip me of that false lashes which paints an expensive picture of my simple self.
Strip me of that lipstick that hides my cracked dark lip

Strip me of that headgear with overflowing gowns that make me appear like the saint that I am not.
Strip me of that holier-than-though attitude I display in public while a sinner in my closet.

Strip me of that outward display of kindness whereas I can’t feed my hungry neighbour out of my bounty.

Strip me of that charming smile accross my face, to show the tears of longing for more of You each day.

You have taken me through years of my life.
With all the blessings and all.
Today, I present to You my naked self
With tears looking for escape, in remorse for my sins, in thanksgiving for your faithfulness even in my faithlessness, in joy for my blessings.

Today, I say continue with the wheel, steering me according to your course.


My cross

It’s not a burden
But it’s borne.

I don’t know what it is
But it remains in my subconscious.

It does not steal my sleep
But it keeps me up.

I can get over it
But it’s not over yet.

It does not worry me
But my face remains gloomy.

It does not happen often
But it makes me feel like orphan.

I share it with people to have relief
But it seems it’s only my belief.

I don’t think about it
But it takes my strength.

However, today being my birthday, I have decided to let it go,
To think less about it,
To grow up and move on.

It is God reprimanding me

Be still, you there
For a purpose, you are here

Have you forgotten I am interested in you?
Don’t you understand that I love you?

Look unto me
And you shall see.

I give you more wisdom
For my mercies, you cannot fathom.

There is my Spirit to teach you
He will not fail to instruct you.

My daughter you will remain
I will love you for ever Amen.

And I say, to You who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ever ask of, according to the power that works in us,
to You be all the glory, my ever faithful God.

Thank You for the new year

, gifts and promises. I love You Jesus.