Strip me of that wig that conceals the baldness I was born with.
Strip me of that foundation and concealer that concedes my big painful pimples and dark spots
Strip me of that false lashes which paints an expensive picture of my simple self.
Strip me of that lipstick that hides my cracked dark lip

Strip me of that headgear with overflowing gowns that make me appear like the saint that I am not.
Strip me of that holier-than-though attitude I display in public while a sinner in my closet.

Strip me of that outward display of kindness whereas I can’t feed my hungry neighbour out of my bounty.

Strip me of that charming smile accross my face, to show the tears of longing for more of You each day.

You have taken me through years of my life.
With all the blessings and all.
Today, I present to You my naked self
With tears looking for escape, in remorse for my sins, in thanksgiving for your faithfulness even in my faithlessness, in joy for my blessings.

Today, I say continue with the wheel, steering me according to your course.



He was a great teacher,  teaching them the best way of life.
He pointed out their sins to them,  corrected their wrongs.
He healed the sick amongst them,
the blind He made to see, 
the lame He made to walk,
the deaf and dumb communicated,
those taken captives by evil spirits were set free. 

Yes,  He went about doing good.
But what did get in return?
One of His very own person sold Him for just a token,  just when they had even wined and dined together.
What other betrayal could be worse?

The angry mob came for him with clubs,  knifes and any weapon you could think of,  as though they had come to persecute someone worse than a serial killer.
They took Him away.

They humiliated him,  spat on him,  jeered at him,  just because he was a good man. 
They could not bear the fact that someone seemed to know about the kingdom of God more than them.
Their ego didn’t let them see nor hear the truth. 
They sought the biggest lies in their memory against him but found none.
They tried harder but could not find no wrong in him,  but hatred filled their hearts that they couldn’t repent from their wrong.
All that mattered was to judge Him.
They just wanted to succeed in condemning him.

And you my brethren may ask,
“why did not God intervene?  
Why did he let the enemy win?  Why did he let the wrongdoers succeed in condemning His only Son,  our Lord Jesus Christ who had done no wrong?

Just the same way I ask sometimes,
“If God loves me, why is He allowing me through this trial?  What wrong have i done to deserve an unfair life?”

The answers are the same ,
“that the name of God be glorified and  when we finally pull through the cross,  He will lift us up higher than the ground we have been and all the world will see and hear our story and say, 
“The Lord is indeed good,  all the time”


Abide with me

When the love seems gone
And loneliness lasts too long
Abide with me.

When friends are no where near
And the darkness draws too neigh
Abide with me.

When tears of mourning rains
And comfort is far from me
Abide with me.

When the sea seems too wide
And my boat is just so small
Abide with me.

When infirmities call my name
And the doctors have tried their best
Abide with me.

When failure knocks me down
And depression is no more far
Abide with me.

When my prayer gets too poor
And the devil smiles with victory
Abide with me.

When temptations won’t let me
And I struggle to break free
Abide with me.

When sadness visits me
And I can’t seem to cheer me up
Abide with me.

When I fall, when I fall
And my strength to rise is gone
Abide with me.

When heartbreak seems to find my path
And I try to understand why
Abide with me.

When my table lacks for bread
And my stomach screams in pain
Abide with me.

The day is far spent
And the evening has come
Abide with me.

Without you, I can do nothing
With you all things are possible
Abide with me, Lord.


My 2016 January kid.

Sometime last month, I was taken aback by the act of a young boy in my parish. Probably, it is a norm elsewhere but I don’t get to see the very young kids serve mass at the altar often.

However, this time, I saw not just a young kid but a very little one.
The first time I saw him serve at the altar with all seriousness during mass, I was astonished because he seemed too little.
I decided to meet him later and probably take a picture with him as he was instantly my real MVP but unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone.

This just reminds me of a short video I watched from someone’s phone.
In it, this amazing young boy of about eight years stood behind the pulpit and said, amongst other statements,
“It’s not about how young or old you are, God can use you” and yes, I totally agree.

When I see some kids and the ministering aura they have, be it while singing, praying, producing harmonious beats to varying songs just like my beloved 4yr Asher, it leaves me in awe believing that truly, age is no barrier.

Unfortunately, sometimes we see parents making excuses for their children’s misconducts.
You mostly hear them say, “he’s just a kid”.
I believe the advice of Prov 22:6 still remains indispensable.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

To my January 2016 kid, who probably is not yet on facebook and may not read this my post, I admire your zeal for being used as God’s workmanship.

My cousin, beloved 4yr Asher and I

Overcoming Self

Over the past two months, I have not written a word neither to myself nor to dear readers via my blog.
It has been due to some inconsistencies in the way life has been, though in all, I thank God.
However, I realized that it was not just the inconsistencies of which most have been overcome. The major stumbling block was “myself”.

Ideas of what to write keep flooding in but I find myself struggle to at least sit at a place and coordinate them.
Even when I get to sit and grab my paper and pen or rather my phone to type directly into it, out of laziness, I find myself deviating to other distractions.
When I eventually remember why I have my phone and then visit my blog, I get discouraged probably because of trying to figure out how to begin my sentence or the suitable title to use.
The result therefore being, “no blog again” and I go about my activities.

However, I have decided to “overcome self” and this is by recovering the purpose why I started blogging.


I am not a writer neither did I love literature back in school but I decided to write because,
I realize that when ideas come, I implement them better when I have them written down.
This spurred me to having diaries but I decided to make my posts public for people to see my opinion in the concerns of life and either learn from them or criticize constructively to correct me on the better opinion.
Hence, the birth of my blog.

This brings me to reason for having a purpose in life pursuit.
If you don’t have a purpose, you find yourself easily discouraged in what you lay your hands upon.

Above all purposes is one which every living being must find and that is,
“What is the purpose of my existence?” ” Why has God chosen me to be among those in the land of the living today?”
When you discover this purpose, life will stop being just a horrible, boring, wicked, unfair one but rather a place of peace in Christ Jesus amidst all its terrible storms.

Seek God, discover your purpose today.
#happy new year friends.

My November Man, 2015

Grin grinnn”, my phone rang while I tried fixing dinner on that beautiful evening.

Who could it be? I wondered.

I hurriedly finished what I was doing and reached out to answer the call.
I beamed with smile when I saw it was one of my favorite callers.

What could be the gist this time?

In his somewhat calm voice,
“hello Ezy”
“Hi dear”
“Have you heard that the result of the job interview is released?”

Lawd! My heart sank deep into my rectum, I think.
I swallowed very hard, anticipating either the good or the bad news.
My heart beat had already accelerated and fibrillation almost set in.

“There were 30 successful people”, he continued.
“I saw this name and that name”

That was it.
I knew I did not make the list as he had not mentioned my name by now.

Oh no!
That was a bad news.
I was heartbroken.
I had really highly hoped to be among the successful candidates in this particular interview not to mention my fervent prayers to succeed but here was a human, telling me that I did not qualify.
I never expected this.

Pretending not to show my disappointment, I gave a fake laugh, telling him how just bad the news was.

After the call ended, I sank into a very sad mood.
I was devastated.
I thought of myself as a failure…but God forbid.
Depression was gradually creeping in.
Nothing else mattered but how I had failed.

As though God was watching me drift into the unwanted sullen mood, he sent me an angel through the same person that delivered the news.

You know how it feels when you get that ice chilled drink on a very sunny day or when you slide into the jacuzzi after a very stressful day?
That was how I felt when this angel in human form ministered unto my weary soul.
He just had the right words.

I was amazed that within minutes, the very sad and depressed lady, transformed into a laughing, cheerful happy woman.
I forgot my sorrows, I felt peace and unlike alcohol, it troubled me not again even after I stopped listening to him when the call ended.

Kai, this must be from God.

It would have been a November to remember in a negative way but my November man helped me say no to that which clearly reminds of the scripture that says,
for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking , but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” Rom14:17

The peace which is not the absence of sorrow but the comfort, contentment and hope amidst the turbulence.

To my November man, 2015, whom I have chosen to be Anonymous, I’m sorry dear readers, I say, “Thank You”.

Photo credit….internet

A fraudulent temptation

One morning, I desired money to purchase an item.
I prayed wholeheartedly for this financial gift.

Few hours into the morning, I got a phone call.

Hello Ezinne, he said.
It is Emma.
Oh, Emma, how are you? ( thinking it was the Emma I know)
I’m fine and you?
I’m fine, I replied.
Yes, there is this contract I want to link you to where you will act like my sister and I want you to supply the goods……. and he continued for a few minutes.

It dawned on me that the voice was rather strange with the Emma I knew.

I stopped him and asked, “which Emma please?”

When he mentioned his surname, I acted like I knew him.

Here he was, discussing money with one of the most vulnerable people to fall for it.
I flowed with him to get every detail hoping that somehow somehow, it would be genuine.
God knows, cash was seriously on my mind…lol.

Nevertheless, I sought evidence of how he knew me.

He reminded me of how we travelled together to one state sometime last year and how I told him to link me up to such business whenever there was an opportunity.

Truly I travelled to that state about same time last year.
Ewww, cards were clicking and I was becoming a victim.

He expressed how sad he was that I could not recognize me and I rendered one of the calmest apologies to him.
Remember, money was on my mind.

He ended the call out of anger and the mumu in me called him back to apologize further.
This Igbo blood in me must have been at its peak…lol.

The call was ended abruptly again because I was not understanding the game.

Nevertheless, it was for my own good because my medulla oblongata, hypothalamus and all the rest of them in the sleepy brain just got reactivated and I thought to myself,
“If this gentleman was looking for whom to assist, why not his sister or cousin or any relative?
Of all people, he chose a stranger whom he claimed he met more than a year ago”
God forbid bad thing….lol

That was when I realized I was entering one chance because his next call was that If I were in Aba, I should have sent him my account number to send me some money to do the supplies.

See me, see supplier.
My case, na God’s hands e dey.

Please people, guard yourselves o.

Sometimes, it is the very things we desire that we are tempted with.

Be alert for the devil is roaming about looking for whom to devour.