He was a great teacher,  teaching them the best way of life.
He pointed out their sins to them,  corrected their wrongs.
He healed the sick amongst them,
the blind He made to see, 
the lame He made to walk,
the deaf and dumb communicated,
those taken captives by evil spirits were set free. 

Yes,  He went about doing good.
But what did get in return?
One of His very own person sold Him for just a token,  just when they had even wined and dined together.
What other betrayal could be worse?

The angry mob came for him with clubs,  knifes and any weapon you could think of,  as though they had come to persecute someone worse than a serial killer.
They took Him away.

They humiliated him,  spat on him,  jeered at him,  just because he was a good man. 
They could not bear the fact that someone seemed to know about the kingdom of God more than them.
Their ego didn’t let them see nor hear the truth. 
They sought the biggest lies in their memory against him but found none.
They tried harder but could not find no wrong in him,  but hatred filled their hearts that they couldn’t repent from their wrong.
All that mattered was to judge Him.
They just wanted to succeed in condemning him.

And you my brethren may ask,
“why did not God intervene?  
Why did he let the enemy win?  Why did he let the wrongdoers succeed in condemning His only Son,  our Lord Jesus Christ who had done no wrong?

Just the same way I ask sometimes,
“If God loves me, why is He allowing me through this trial?  What wrong have i done to deserve an unfair life?”

The answers are the same ,
“that the name of God be glorified and  when we finally pull through the cross,  He will lift us up higher than the ground we have been and all the world will see and hear our story and say, 
“The Lord is indeed good,  all the time”



Where is the love?

Just when I was about to rest from the day’s activities, I heard people raise their voices.
I got closer to know what was happening.
It was the members of a deliverance ministry close by.
The owner of the ministry shouted at how people accused her of using charms in her ministry and all what not.

It was not the accusations that bothered me but the reaction to them.
I watched with dismay as the woman shouted, ” all those who accuse me of using charms, they will die one by one”
One of her church members shouted, amen, adding that they will go to their burials and eat rice while she danced.

Jesus Christ! I could not believe this.
What happened to the love Jesus preached, even to our enemies.

Sometimes, I wonder what our fate would have been if Jesus reacted same way every time we sinned. The world must have been wiped away.

The above scenario is not different from the woman who rained curses on someone whom she said was making work difficult for a cleaner by leaving faecal matter at the wrong place.

I am not saying the offenders should go on with their act but how do we who claim we are Christians,  let alone a minister or a pastor if we cannot live as Jesus whom we preach, lived.

It makes my heart bleed when curses rain without resistance from our mouths.
Condemn the wrongs, yes, but let God judge the supposed wrongdoers.
We bless, even when persecuted. It is never easy but it is a cross we must carry to follow Him.

Maybe, when next you want to curse that brethren, even with the common, “it shall not be well with you”, think about what out fate would have been if Jesus reacted same way to our sins.

Lest we forget, He died for us while we were yet sinners ROM 5:8.


Subtle war


“Oliver, which church do you attend?”, my senior colleague asked.
Catholic, I replied.
He proceeded and asked the rest of us who stated one church or the other.
In his usual joking manner, he mentioned how he didn’t know which church to attend again as there were so many churches.

One of us then said,
“my parents can let me marry from any church except white garment” and quickly added, ” I can’t marry a catholic guy”.
Another person concurred with her.
All of us laughed at each others opinion.

Imagine a gathering of 5 people and 2 out of the 5 have made up their minds personally not to marry a catholic.
That is like 40% of a gathering.

In what I think is a reaction to this,
the average to conc catholic family tells their daughter,
“Since a huge percentage of non catholics girls don’t want to marry your brothers (my opinion though), then you will have to balance it by marrying only a catholic brother.

That seems like a subtle war to me…lol.

Nevertheless, catholic or no catholic, how’s your personal relationship with my dear Jesus?

But, karma why?

Wondering what my home parish must be like after being away for a long while, I dressed up for mass, attempting my best.

I went to church anticipating the usual joyous gathering of a family. The mass went on while I flowed without noticing much changes from the last time I visited.

It was now time for Holy communion, I queued up with fellow worshippers.
Just as it got to my turn to go kneel before the priest, I got the humbling experience.
The usher directed me instead, to join the line of those who were returning to their sits after receiving the communion. But I have not received. She refused me from the communion.

As one who prepared for the sacrament, I didn’t react but walked gently back to my sit not knowing if to smile or feel embarrassed because I felt people noticed, if not those sitting on the front pew.

I was later informed when I inquired, that it was because of my sleeveless dress. Arrgghh, but that is my usual church dress and besides no one mentioned about the new rule.

Could it be karma remembering me?
Back in my secondary school, I happened to be in charge of students who were to leave the school compound to go worship.
Being in authority, I gave orders that they either wore the school’s navy blue berets or white scarfs but no bed sheets or pillow cases as was the norm for most junior students who had lost their berets.

Just as we were about leaving the school gate, I noticed one junior student who used pillow case as her scarf.
I told her to go back and use appropriate head cover, knowing fully well that she may not make it back in time and that was how she missed the mass that day.
I regretted it, anyway.


I ask again, could it be karma that made me experience such embarrassment in return?

I don’t even know the lessons to learn but I think I’ll have to be kinder next time and also use any authority position given me to help people and not being unnecessarily rigid.
As for my church, I have no choice than to behave in Rome like the Romans.
Heaven is our goal!

Remind me to be anonymous

I am in bed and I hear the head of the family I visit, quarreling with his wife over the amount of money given for soup.
I am thinking, “I wish I have enough money to leave with this family so that there will be peace”

I dress up and leave for church.
Our usual 2hours mass continues into 4hours only because the parish council is begging people for a total raise of about #200,000 to give as diocesan drive or to pay church workers or to assist in church building.
We end up raising about #40,000 since most of us are only petty traders who are managing.
I am thinking, “is this #200,000 not part of someone else’s monthly salary?
I wish I have enough money to give the church so that our masses won’t be delayed further and as well draw more worshippers.

I leave from church back home, I see beggars at the gate.
I am thinking, “what will my #20 do for these people”
I give it anyway wishing I had enough money to enroll them into some skill acquisitions.

The next day, Monday, I leave for work but I see some children hawking pure water and groundnut during school hours.
I am thinking, “what help do I offer them besides just patronizing their goods?”
I shake my head wishing I could do more by working towards ensuring one of the millennium development goals of universal basic education for all.

As though it is not enough, I visit the internet and read heartbreaking stories ranging from girl-child abuse into early marriage due to poverty, to a father giving in to stroke because he could not access proper medical care to take care of himself, to a mother dying during delivery due to improper care of the gift of pregnancy, to the boy who sleeps under the bridge in pursuit of what to eat let alone wear.
I am thinking, “I wish I can visit them all or at least work with a team with a lot of money to reach out so that there will be justice in this world”

Again, I am reminded of what my late grandmother said to my mother, “you say a lot of things you want to do with money, be careful about them, lest money sees you and run away”

While I am being hopeful that those in despair will be given hope, the helpless being helped, the discouraged being encouraged, I believe that anybody, including myself, can be used by God at all times, no matter how little we have, to bless someone.

In case, I happen to have in excess, as I wish for, please, remind me to be anonymous.
May God receive all praise. Amen