Abide with me

When the love seems gone
And loneliness lasts too long
Abide with me.

When friends are no where near
And the darkness draws too neigh
Abide with me.

When tears of mourning rains
And comfort is far from me
Abide with me.

When the sea seems too wide
And my boat is just so small
Abide with me.

When infirmities call my name
And the doctors have tried their best
Abide with me.

When failure knocks me down
And depression is no more far
Abide with me.

When my prayer gets too poor
And the devil smiles with victory
Abide with me.

When temptations won’t let me
And I struggle to break free
Abide with me.

When sadness visits me
And I can’t seem to cheer me up
Abide with me.

When I fall, when I fall
And my strength to rise is gone
Abide with me.

When heartbreak seems to find my path
And I try to understand why
Abide with me.

When my table lacks for bread
And my stomach screams in pain
Abide with me.

The day is far spent
And the evening has come
Abide with me.

Without you, I can do nothing
With you all things are possible
Abide with me, Lord.



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