Subtle war


“Oliver, which church do you attend?”, my senior colleague asked.
Catholic, I replied.
He proceeded and asked the rest of us who stated one church or the other.
In his usual joking manner, he mentioned how he didn’t know which church to attend again as there were so many churches.

One of us then said,
“my parents can let me marry from any church except white garment” and quickly added, ” I can’t marry a catholic guy”.
Another person concurred with her.
All of us laughed at each others opinion.

Imagine a gathering of 5 people and 2 out of the 5 have made up their minds personally not to marry a catholic.
That is like 40% of a gathering.

In what I think is a reaction to this,
the average to conc catholic family tells their daughter,
“Since a huge percentage of non catholics girls don’t want to marry your brothers (my opinion though), then you will have to balance it by marrying only a catholic brother.

That seems like a subtle war to me…lol.

Nevertheless, catholic or no catholic, how’s your personal relationship with my dear Jesus?


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