Overcoming Self

Over the past two months, I have not written a word neither to myself nor to dear readers via my blog.
It has been due to some inconsistencies in the way life has been, though in all, I thank God.
However, I realized that it was not just the inconsistencies of which most have been overcome. The major stumbling block was “myself”.

Ideas of what to write keep flooding in but I find myself struggle to at least sit at a place and coordinate them.
Even when I get to sit and grab my paper and pen or rather my phone to type directly into it, out of laziness, I find myself deviating to other distractions.
When I eventually remember why I have my phone and then visit my blog, I get discouraged probably because of trying to figure out how to begin my sentence or the suitable title to use.
The result therefore being, “no blog again” and I go about my activities.

However, I have decided to “overcome self” and this is by recovering the purpose why I started blogging.


I am not a writer neither did I love literature back in school but I decided to write because,
I realize that when ideas come, I implement them better when I have them written down.
This spurred me to having diaries but I decided to make my posts public for people to see my opinion in the concerns of life and either learn from them or criticize constructively to correct me on the better opinion.
Hence, the birth of my blog.

This brings me to reason for having a purpose in life pursuit.
If you don’t have a purpose, you find yourself easily discouraged in what you lay your hands upon.

Above all purposes is one which every living being must find and that is,
“What is the purpose of my existence?” ” Why has God chosen me to be among those in the land of the living today?”
When you discover this purpose, life will stop being just a horrible, boring, wicked, unfair one but rather a place of peace in Christ Jesus amidst all its terrible storms.

Seek God, discover your purpose today.
#happy new year friends.


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