Grin grinnn”, my phone rang while I tried fixing dinner on that beautiful evening.

Who could it be? I wondered.

I hurriedly finished what I was doing and reached out to answer the call.
I beamed with smile when I saw it was one of my favorite callers.

What could be the gist this time?

In his somewhat calm voice,
“hello Ezy”
“Hi dear”
“Have you heard that the result of the job interview is released?”

Lawd! My heart sank deep into my rectum, I think.
I swallowed very hard, anticipating either the good or the bad news.
My heart beat had already accelerated and fibrillation almost set in.

“There were 30 successful people”, he continued.
“I saw this name and that name”

That was it.
I knew I did not make the list as he had not mentioned my name by now.

Oh no!
That was a bad news.
I was heartbroken.
I had really highly hoped to be among the successful candidates in this particular interview not to mention my fervent prayers to succeed but here was a human, telling me that I did not qualify.
I never expected this.

Pretending not to show my disappointment, I gave a fake laugh, telling him how just bad the news was.

After the call ended, I sank into a very sad mood.
I was devastated.
I thought of myself as a failure…but God forbid.
Depression was gradually creeping in.
Nothing else mattered but how I had failed.

As though God was watching me drift into the unwanted sullen mood, he sent me an angel through the same person that delivered the news.

You know how it feels when you get that ice chilled drink on a very sunny day or when you slide into the jacuzzi after a very stressful day?
That was how I felt when this angel in human form ministered unto my weary soul.
He just had the right words.

I was amazed that within minutes, the very sad and depressed lady, transformed into a laughing, cheerful happy woman.
I forgot my sorrows, I felt peace and unlike alcohol, it troubled me not again even after I stopped listening to him when the call ended.

Kai, this must be from God.

It would have been a November to remember in a negative way but my November man helped me say no to that which clearly reminds of the scripture that says,
for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking , but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” Rom14:17

The peace which is not the absence of sorrow but the comfort, contentment and hope amidst the turbulence.

To my November man, 2015, whom I have chosen to be Anonymous, I’m sorry dear readers, I say, “Thank You”.

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8 thoughts on “My November Man, 2015

  1. Hmmmmmm. Didn’t know the heart cud sink upto the level of the rectum……. Wow! Can’t wait to be ur December man…… Looking for my fone to flash you..


  2. I will be your every month lady. My swt love. I know who you are, and those people don’t know that they have missed a very special asset and is not where God want you to use your talent.


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