One morning, I desired money to purchase an item.
I prayed wholeheartedly for this financial gift.

Few hours into the morning, I got a phone call.

Hello Ezinne, he said.
It is Emma.
Oh, Emma, how are you? ( thinking it was the Emma I know)
I’m fine and you?
I’m fine, I replied.
Yes, there is this contract I want to link you to where you will act like my sister and I want you to supply the goods……. and he continued for a few minutes.

It dawned on me that the voice was rather strange with the Emma I knew.

I stopped him and asked, “which Emma please?”

When he mentioned his surname, I acted like I knew him.

Here he was, discussing money with one of the most vulnerable people to fall for it.
I flowed with him to get every detail hoping that somehow somehow, it would be genuine.
God knows, cash was seriously on my mind…lol.

Nevertheless, I sought evidence of how he knew me.

He reminded me of how we travelled together to one state sometime last year and how I told him to link me up to such business whenever there was an opportunity.

Truly I travelled to that state about same time last year.
Ewww, cards were clicking and I was becoming a victim.

He expressed how sad he was that I could not recognize me and I rendered one of the calmest apologies to him.
Remember, money was on my mind.

He ended the call out of anger and the mumu in me called him back to apologize further.
This Igbo blood in me must have been at its peak…lol.

The call was ended abruptly again because I was not understanding the game.

Nevertheless, it was for my own good because my medulla oblongata, hypothalamus and all the rest of them in the sleepy brain just got reactivated and I thought to myself,
“If this gentleman was looking for whom to assist, why not his sister or cousin or any relative?
Of all people, he chose a stranger whom he claimed he met more than a year ago”
God forbid bad thing….lol

That was when I realized I was entering one chance because his next call was that If I were in Aba, I should have sent him my account number to send me some money to do the supplies.

See me, see supplier.
My case, na God’s hands e dey.

Please people, guard yourselves o.

Sometimes, it is the very things we desire that we are tempted with.

Be alert for the devil is roaming about looking for whom to devour.


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