While returning from one “waka” one afternoon, I saw a gathering of people listening attentively to one man along the pedestrian side of the road.

On closer observation, I saw a variety of roots and herbs and then understood that it was a herbal medicine man probably teaching the uses of the herbs and of course, with some to trade to his audience.

Quickly, I calculated why I should not be seen in that gathering believing that I had a superior knowledge of orthodox medicine.

After about 1km distance, I heard very loud entertaining songs filling the air.
As I approached the arena, I saw another people who gathered and were being entertained by a “five-star” dancer.
It seemed thrilling from the distance but I could not get myself to stand with others and watch.
Probably I was trying to maintain some false class.

But what did I really want?

I wanted to be that girl who would see people gather to hear from a supposed herbal doctor and join them to listen.
Who knows what he had to offer?
Probably, it could be the one root or herb which will be a basis for breakthrough in orthodox medicine.
But, pride did not let me learn because I felt I knew more.

I wanted to be that girl who has real interest in dancing and sees another dancer entertaining people but instead of walking past them, she stops and join in the entertainment, making herself happy from seeing people do what she loves.
But pride would not let me.

Where has the humble child in me gone?


I have let the supposed literate world and scam teachings of being more trained or more privileged than others take that from me.

Pride is scam, aswear….lol


Photo credits……internet.


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