After my parents had welcomed her, she turned to me and said,
” when are you going to visit me?”
Wow, I was perplexed. I never expected the question but here I was, being invited by one of the women I have come to admire.

Quickly I replied, “I will come this week”, hiding the excitement I had.

Days went by to my much anticipated day.
I had been very selective of my outfit, knowing where I was going.

I called her to tell her the time I would come over to spend the night.
Her response was so comforting that the excitement increased geometrically.

Following her directions, I arrived at the bus stop.
She drove to come pick me up to continue our journey.
You could barely know that she is many years older than I am because of the way she related with me.
I still never expected it even though she was my cousin.
We have never had this personal interaction besides the usual,
“Ezy, how are you?” whenever she visited her parents who lived close to my house.

After some distance on a lonely road, we arrived where she lectured and resided at “St Paul’s National Mission’s Seminary, Abuja”.

The serenity of the environment was so suiting that you could hear the footsteps of the marching soldier ants.

Not wanting disturb the peace and quiet of the seminary, I insisted on carrying my luggage on my hand without pulling it on the tarred road, hence generating noise.

When I entered her room, Holy Mary! I was amazed at the sight of the library I was greeted by.
With my mouth and eyes wide opened, I asked her,
“Sister, are all these books your own?”
She said, “yes” and added that her collection was even small compared to that of her neighbor’s.
You don mean it! I never even begin life, I said to myself.

I fed my eyes long enough that I did not hear when she told me to relax, eat, shower and rest. I was already resting on her book shelves….lol.

She then gave me the book she authored,
“The unity of male and female in Jesus Christ”
(An exegetical study of Gal 3:28c in light of Paul’s theology of promise)

My eyes widened further.
The book was very “pagified” with a lot of contents that was beyond my comprehension except I prayed specially for understanding.
I only wondered at the genius to have researched this and the wisdom to have patiently penned down and published the book.

Luckily, there were no flies around because my mouth opened further when I read a poster on her wall that was titled,
” The first African Woman to Defend PhD in NT Exegesis at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven!”


I was in the same room with a genius!
It did not end there.
The pure neatness of her apartment caught my attention that I asked her,
“Did you just move into this place?”
Her reply amazed me when she told me that she has been living there since three years…. Wow

It’s only that I want to marry. She would have been my lifetime mentor but she is a Reverend Sister.
That notwithstanding, I have learnt a lot from. From her library as well, I got an enriching book, “why am I afraid to tell you who I am?”

Rev. Sr. Dr Gesilia Nneka Uzukwu, my October woman, is not just my cousin but an exceptional woman whom I admire.

My October woman

God bless you more Sister.

You can order her book via..


2 thoughts on “My October Woman!

  1. My darling U are good. God bless you. He is taking u to greatest heights. God bless Dr Gesila Uzoukwu , His grace will always abound towards her.


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