Not out of fear, neither hypocrisy.

My pastor says, do not do this or that.
The instruction our teachers who are guided by God, give to us, is good.

But, what convictions do you have to do them right things?

Or is it for fear of getting the back seat in the church? Or fear of the consequences listed out when you go astray?

How about when the spiritual director is not with you or there to checkmate whether you are still on track as he preached? Will you then allow hypocrisy?

It is not all about, “my pastor or priest says…..”

What sayeth the Holy Spirit to thou?

Again, certain principles are given you by people as rules for success, relationships, engagements, etc and you forget you might just be that one exception to the rule.

Listen, a Potter moulded you in a vase different from another.
There is no one who can explain and guide you best on how or why you were shaped the way you are, than your Potter, God.

It is very important that you have a personal relationship with Him and not just waiting for someone to tell you what he or she thinks or is convinced that God said .

During my early years in school, it seemed all my roommates had mentors.

I prayed almost all day for God to send me someone just as He sent Phillip to the Eunuch to explain the scriptures.

I earnestly longed for a spiritual director just like everyone else but God taught me patience.

Not to underestimate the role of a mentor or a spiritual director who is essential in life’s journey, he made me understand that my own journey would be in steps, after I pass one test, I progress until His own timing when He will send me someone.

I passed some steps the hard way admist moments of depression, confusion, hopelessness but He still got me in His own way.

The good news being, though I am still climbing, to an extent I am convinced about the Christ we preach and the power of His resurrection.

Why this personal relationship and conviction is important is because, the times we are in now is full of trials, temptations, false prophets, etc.

A time where you are made to believe that if you do not type, “Amen” to a post, God will not bless you.
Then you become afraid of the consequence if you don’t.

What? On whose authority do you spit such?

They are here to shake our faith and if you are not careful, you may be like the builder who laid his foundation on sand and when the storm waves came, it washed all away.

When I was sick as detailed in my previous post, “on the way to hell”,
my faith was shaken but I found solace in the word that says, “be not afraid of him who destroys the body but of him who is able to destroy the soul”.

The best kind of life is that based on personal conviction, thus you need to be personally close and tap directly from your maker to know what He says.


His word is richly available to us with His Spirit present to teach us and lead us into all truth.

Once you show eagerness toward Him, as the deer pants for the waters, trust me, you will get to where you are going and even better than anticipated.




2 thoughts on “Not out of fear, neither hypocrisy.

  1. Truth Truth Truth. Character based on hear-say is all but hypocrisy not conviction.
    That said. Konga is now advertising here, nah ‘bar’ o. Lol


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