It seemed like I was dreaming but the noisy tone continued, interrupting my one-hour night rest or rather morning rest because it was 5am.

It was my elder sister ringing my mum’s phone which was with me. I picked the call and she said, “go give mum the phone”.
I already knew why she called. I gently walked to her room, handed her the phone and watched her receive the call.
All of a sudden, she started jumping up and down, screaming praises to God, not minding that she  disturbed the neighborhood who were probably trying to wake up from sleep.
Wow. I didn’t know she still had such energy in her.
Amidst the praises, she rejoiced at how she is now “Nne Barrister”.
My dad rejoiced in his own manly way.
It was indeed a joyous morning in my household.
To me, it is more than a dream come true with respect to the story behind it.

Who would have thought that,
Juliet Oliver would become a legal practitioner?
Or that she would go through her somewhat challenging childhood during her primary and secondary schools, yet mum not giving up on her?
Or my parents could train her through the “money-craze” Madonna University even when they were advised not to, considering the situation at hand?

Or my parents would stand against all odds even when they were advised to withdraw her from the extremely expensive tuition for the average Nigerian?
Or my mum would believe in her with so much faith even when the future was not forthcoming.

You see the word, faith, ask my mother about it.

I remember asking my mother when I heard she was about to pull a stunt by sending my sister to that university,
“mum, wait o…what is your plan? Do you have money somewhere else or what? What is giving you so much confidence in this?” I asked because I knew my parents’ capability but she just smiled without saying anything.

Today is a testimony in my household.
Today is a reminder that if you believe, you can achieve.
Today tells me that you should not give up on someone or something just because you think it may not be fruitful.
Today, I am told that besides being the most patient people, our parents are as well the strongest and most enduring beings ever.

Will you believe you can do that which you lay your hands upon?

Will you encourage yourself to remain steadfast in the faith even when the going seems tough?

Will you say to yourself, if others can, then you too can and even better?

And most importantly, will you believe that there is nothing too hard for God to do?

If yes, you just set yourself on the mind blowing track that will manifest the glory of God in you.
He did it in my household, He will do it for you and even more.
You are favored, God’s beloved child.



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