I told him all my plans for the following week including the financial requirements which were not urgent. He listened to them all without saying a word.
I came back again, requesting for money to use for the day. He gave me as he always did but this time he added, ” you can drain someone to death”. I rebuked that statement.
But it got me thinking the following,

“They watched me through the cradle,
To crawling from one corner of the house to the other
To seeing the world while standing on my feet
To taking my first baby steps
To learning how to say mama and papa
To refusing to let them bathe me in the morning for fear of going to school
To returning from primary school without my socks and cardigan
To misplacing my first secondary school result
To investing their best into years in the university
To seeing that I get all support needed in the course of finding a job
To seeing that I get stable even after the job is gotten.

For some, it may take 20years or 30years or even 40years or more before they start reaping the fruits of their labours.

Who else claims to be more patient than these beautiful souls, these human angels that we call PARENTS.

With my parents

By the way, I was referring to my father, above.
To me, they are the most patient people in the world.
Most of them have every reason to say, “we suffered, therefore they should suffer as well to get what they want” but they do not.
They rather make life a better and safer haven for us.

What makes their virtue more outstanding is that they don’t just sit and watch their children turn to adults.
They are always active, toiling day and night, living for us.
They invest their all , letting go of their comfort and pleasure to see we are where our counterparts are.
They are simply the best.


Whether they are living or not, always remember that God loves you so much that He sent angels in human form to take care of you through your fulfillment of destiny.

I pray that we all shall be huge blessings and no curse to these wonderful souls.
I pray also that God will satisfy them with long life in good health of mind and body that they shall reap all that they toiled for, Amen.


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