All I wanted most was to be done with the so called “education”
My classmate, Amaka, once said, “how I wish I met who invented education, I would have killed him earlier”
It is somehow true, though ignorance is not better anyway.

Who invented education, by the way?

Life as a post graduate has been somewhat interesting.
Though it is just the beginning but one thing that gives me pure joy is the fact that I am no longer under pressure of keeping up with seventy-five percent attendance or severe tension of wanting to pass an examination to ascend the next level or having an almost always triangular life of school, hostel, social/religious gathering.

Nahhh, life has been fair enough to relieve me of those.
However, the all-fun life thereafter does not seem to be forthcoming as anticipated.

Few days ago, I happened to sit behind the desk to attend to someone’s need. After the chitchat, the person was gone and I waited, hoping that I would be useful enough to assist another person in need but the wait seemed like forever.
I resorted to my nearest companion, my device, but the battery was dead. I looked around for any interesting thing to read, in dismay, I found none. Even if I wanted to take a walk, I could not because it was raining and besides I could not leave since my boss was still around.
You could imagine what was written all over me, “boredom”
No, this is not what I bargained for.
Who would want to sit at one place or rather pace around the four walls of a room doing nothing? Mbanu (no!)

For those of us who do not like to remain at one place for long, it makes us wonder how we are serving humanity as we hoped for back in the days, other than sitting at a place like slaves being ordered by their masters to make no move or be punished.

I know there will be a time when we will be out and about, running errands for our masters as part of the ladder to greater heights, sounds like a tough beginning though but we will keep encouraging ourselves with the words, “we too, will get there” and when that happens, we may now boldly ask with all smiles saying, “where is the servitude in this service?”


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