Wondering what my home parish must be like after being away for a long while, I dressed up for mass, attempting my best.

I went to church anticipating the usual joyous gathering of a family. The mass went on while I flowed without noticing much changes from the last time I visited.

It was now time for Holy communion, I queued up with fellow worshippers.
Just as it got to my turn to go kneel before the priest, I got the humbling experience.
The usher directed me instead, to join the line of those who were returning to their sits after receiving the communion. But I have not received. She refused me from the communion.

As one who prepared for the sacrament, I didn’t react but walked gently back to my sit not knowing if to smile or feel embarrassed because I felt people noticed, if not those sitting on the front pew.

I was later informed when I inquired, that it was because of my sleeveless dress. Arrgghh, but that is my usual church dress and besides no one mentioned about the new rule.

Could it be karma remembering me?
Back in my secondary school, I happened to be in charge of students who were to leave the school compound to go worship.
Being in authority, I gave orders that they either wore the school’s navy blue berets or white scarfs but no bed sheets or pillow cases as was the norm for most junior students who had lost their berets.

Just as we were about leaving the school gate, I noticed one junior student who used pillow case as her scarf.
I told her to go back and use appropriate head cover, knowing fully well that she may not make it back in time and that was how she missed the mass that day.
I regretted it, anyway.


I ask again, could it be karma that made me experience such embarrassment in return?

I don’t even know the lessons to learn but I think I’ll have to be kinder next time and also use any authority position given me to help people and not being unnecessarily rigid.
As for my church, I have no choice than to behave in Rome like the Romans.
Heaven is our goal!


4 thoughts on “But, karma why?

  1. I don’t think it’s karma….ur not worthy to receive the communion…is it not u again?…even the usher knows…


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