Have you tried looking into your neighbor’s eyes to respond appropriately to his good morning whereas you just awoke from a horrible nightmare?

Have you laughed out loud at your colleagues’ jokes whereas you just got boxed by your boss?

Have you gone on a date with a human version of diazepam yet you looked so interested in all he or she said to you, not to make them feel bad?

Have you been in a classroom while your teacher looked straight at u and you returned the look with apt attention yet you did not understand a thing?

Have you stared at your book because others were doing same yet you did not even see a word since your eyes were soaked with tears?

Have you ever beamed that charming smile at almost all passersby yet there’s this heartbreak tearing you to shreds?

The word PRETENCE is not far from the dictionary of most of us, if not everyone. We apply it almost daily.

If only we can see beyond the faces of each other . We, most times have a reason to pretend not to let people know our weaknesses, fears, struggles and all.

I don’t mean pretence in the sense of acting a rich kid in school whereas your parents struggle with three square meals each day.

Maybe when next we see someone smile at us, we return it at least. You never can tell how life has been for each other.
Therefore, strive not to be that man or woman who would only add salt to another’s injury.
Be cheerful even in your uncheerfulness.


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