I am in bed and I hear the head of the family I visit, quarreling with his wife over the amount of money given for soup.
I am thinking, “I wish I have enough money to leave with this family so that there will be peace”

I dress up and leave for church.
Our usual 2hours mass continues into 4hours only because the parish council is begging people for a total raise of about #200,000 to give as diocesan drive or to pay church workers or to assist in church building.
We end up raising about #40,000 since most of us are only petty traders who are managing.
I am thinking, “is this #200,000 not part of someone else’s monthly salary?
I wish I have enough money to give the church so that our masses won’t be delayed further and as well draw more worshippers.

I leave from church back home, I see beggars at the gate.
I am thinking, “what will my #20 do for these people”
I give it anyway wishing I had enough money to enroll them into some skill acquisitions.

The next day, Monday, I leave for work but I see some children hawking pure water and groundnut during school hours.
I am thinking, “what help do I offer them besides just patronizing their goods?”
I shake my head wishing I could do more by working towards ensuring one of the millennium development goals of universal basic education for all.

As though it is not enough, I visit the internet and read heartbreaking stories ranging from girl-child abuse into early marriage due to poverty, to a father giving in to stroke because he could not access proper medical care to take care of himself, to a mother dying during delivery due to improper care of the gift of pregnancy, to the boy who sleeps under the bridge in pursuit of what to eat let alone wear.
I am thinking, “I wish I can visit them all or at least work with a team with a lot of money to reach out so that there will be justice in this world”

Again, I am reminded of what my late grandmother said to my mother, “you say a lot of things you want to do with money, be careful about them, lest money sees you and run away”

While I am being hopeful that those in despair will be given hope, the helpless being helped, the discouraged being encouraged, I believe that anybody, including myself, can be used by God at all times, no matter how little we have, to bless someone.

In case, I happen to have in excess, as I wish for, please, remind me to be anonymous.
May God receive all praise. Amen


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