Had one of those heart warming days I would not want to forget easily, hence my sharing it.

Carry out the procedure on her, the doctor said. Wondering who the patient was, I beheld an elderly white woman with a beautiful sense of humour. (a pure Caucasian)
I set to work, starting by explaining what I was going to do. With her assistant that came with her, we prepared her for the procedure and it was done.

As we helped her dress up , she asked for my name and where I came from.
I told her my name. With regards to were I came from,  I did not know if to say I was Nigerian because I thought she would not know my state.
I gave it a try and told her my state of origin. She enquired further which part of the state… Wow… Interesting.
She spoke an Igbo dialect, though not mine but it was fluent. I was dazed.
Though, the times she spoke the British accent, I strained to understand her… Lol

She said,  “Maureen, you know one thing that impressed me about u?  You explained to me everything you did. It’s rare amongst Nigerian health care providers,  not even doctors. Thank you very much.
Where did u train?”
I thought it was only our senior colleagues that cared about where we trained either to criticise or commend our alma mata.
I replied in full,  thinking she would not know the school. She said, “oh, ABSU!” you can imagine how surprised I was that she knew ABSU.  She then added, “that is a strong recommendation for ABSU. Thank you very much. You know your work”.

I had to maintain like they were not new words and reciprocated the thanks but deep within, I felt wonderful.
Even as I write, I can’t explain the awesome feeling going on within. It is just great.

I understood better the power of appreciation and the importance of taking care of little things.
She remained grateful.
I long to see her again as she hoped, though not for a procedure, before she travels back to where she came from.

To health care providers, engineers, lawyers, sales representatives, teachers, marketers, traders, smile at your clients
To clients, customers, employees, reciprocate likewise. Appreciate the much they do,  it means a lot. It encourages a lot.

Just as I cannot let today go by without thinking of her words, so should we make another feel great.


6 thoughts on “A memory, I wish not to forget easily.

  1. A lovely piece ##
    Totally enjoyed it and its a yes to those lil things that are often ignored….. The lil things that are pointers to how well the big ones will b done…


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