You are invited to my….



Hehehehe, I got you.
You probably thought it was my wedding or child dedication.
Not my induction either…lol

I noticed that most of us are not proud of who we are from the roots. We would rather want to live up to the fake expectation of others because we are fighting our self esteem.
We want to show our counterparts on social media that we are also “tushed” and trendy.

Sometime in December last year, a friend visited my hometown. We needed memory selfies and knowing that the pix might go where I know not about, just in case, u know….lol, I immediately took her to the finest place in our community to use their background. Who else is guilty of this?

Really, does it mean that all my Facebook or instagram friends live in the cities?
Even in the cities, do they all have cars and live in places like Lagos’s Lekki, just like almost all pictures that appear on my page tell?
Even when someone captions a photo as taken in the village, you wonder if they all come from Igbere or Abiriba villages.

I thought of this because I found myself in my village few days ago to harvest and process our food. It was and is a beautiful experience that instead of buying everything, we can boast of processing our very own fufu, ukwa(breadfruit), palm oil, garri, having tons of mangoes at no cost, etc


If you want any of these, you are invited to my village…. Lol

And next time you are taking a selfie, be proud of who or where you are and what you do.
We must not all do what others do.
Dare to be different.
Say no to gross pretence or fake life.


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