What do you see in the above image?

To some, a beautiful doctor
To some, a modest girl
Another may say,this geh be authe(like authentic)… Lol
To another, a chic that just hit the right button in the career life
To others, probably those who have known me, Ezinne, the noise maker…lol,her mother’s baby,annoying at times.

But what do I see? I’ll tell u.

Beyond that white coat, a black and white striped dress
A photo shopped face, probably what they’ve done to every face I’ve see on magazines and billboards. That means I too can fit in …lol
A picture of one probably displaying her newest wrist watch….did you not notice that?…. Lol
A hair style like a barren land on one side of her head….na so my mama born me…lol

Oya,quit laughing, let us be serious.

I see Ezinne who just added Dr as a title to her name but didn’t effect much to her person

The same me who has myriads of visions but seeking enough patience to realize them

Beyond the coat is a young personnel who almost each day struggles to be who her maker wants her to be

A supposed Christian who is hot at the moment but turns cold in few mins from yielding to temptation

I see a girl or Lady,yes, who worries if she will make heaven with the near constant struggle with sin.

One who in God’s presence is with a pure heart but leaves becoming a lost soul.

One who still feels the Spirit of God bringing her back after she has derailed yet not taking caution

I see one who is probably the most gullible in not maintaining a state of grace

I seek help and I know God will. He says I should be holy as he is holy…therefore, I have no excuse. Please save me ,Lord.

Again, I ask ….what do you see?


14 thoughts on “Tell me, What do you see?

  1. I see a wrist watch I like. I actually noticed the watch before reading your comment on it!

    I see a beautiful woman who screams “Jingles!” when excited.

    I see a doctor who will give me free medical health care always 🙂


  2. I see a Dr n a trouble maker with her brand new watch and steth on display…with ‘ jingles’as her usual exclamation


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