If you could, Henry, then I too can.

It’s never been this close.
I now understand the phrase.. “I can’t believe this” because truly, I can’t.
I can’t even think it.
Once your name comes to my thoughts, I wave it aside because people don’t know what they are saying.
In fact, I would assume everyone is not just mad but very mad at the moment to think it or I’m in a dreamland.
I just got home this evening and saw people gather. I went up to join them but I asked myself, what am I doing here?
Who did I come here for? It’s either to see you or your brother or deliver message to your mum.
No no no no, somebody must have mistaken your identity and they are very mad to joke with that.
It’s day 2 and I can’t think it because I don’t believe.
Henry, oh no!!!!
Where are you?  You are not replying your messages. You make me laugh a lot. Every moment, be it physical, call, chats, I cherish dearly.
You are too good, perfect gentle man, have a very bright future, a lady’s dream man.
You know what, it can’t be you. No, it can’t.
Be back soon and be fast about it.
My induction is soon and I want to tell you about it. I know you will request pictures. I will have them.
You told me perfect words as I prepared for my final mbbs.
The joke is costly and so far I know, I won’t accept what people are saying.
The places I’ve been yesterday and today, I only soiled their environment with my tears because I can’t help them.
If you could die, then I too can. I see no reason why you should go. What’s in this world? If you can answer me, tell me.

God, please!!!


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