The adorable three year old

I was going through my phone gallery and stumbled upon the picture above and immediately had this magical feeling that I don’t think is of this world. Could this be love? Hahahahaha.

The adorable three year old Chinese boy, Zhang Junhao, won my heart two days ago when I was going through American got Talent show on YouTube.

His stage command without being scared was amazing for such a little boy not to mention how disciplined and funny he was accompanied by one of the cutest smiles after mine…. Lol.

My cute smile.. Lol

What fascinated me was his response when the judges asked him why he danced and what his dream was. I wondered why they should ask such little boy his dream but I only underestimated the amazing being.

In his words,
Because I like dancing.
When I dance, my mom laughs.
My mom says, laughing is happiness”
About his dream,
My dream is to make people happy because I am happy “
Then he added, asking the judges before him,
Are you happy? “

This is too much from a three year old. What an amazing spirit. At this age, he understood happiness already.

You know we can learn from anyone. I choose to learn from him to be happy always. I also choose to share his dream in making people happy because I am happy… #smiles

I know some may say, it’s because he is a small boy, he hasn’t faced any challenges yet but I tell you that the same small boy just gave the secret of a beautiful life irrespective of who or what you are and what you are going through.

“be happy and make people happy” and I add… using your time, talent and treasure. Life is too short to give room for sadness beloved people.

Happy people

#Happy Easter beautiful people


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