My father didn’t teach me neither did my mother, why should I teach my offspring?
They should learn the same way their mates did.
I don’t have the time for that.
No, I am not bold enough for this.
Is too early to expose them to such.
They will be taught in school, not me.

If you are  thinking any of these, please, don’t!

I asked my course mate back in school, “at what age do you think a child should receive sexuality education?”.
She replied, ” from five years of age, you should tell your child to prevent ‘uncles’ from carrying her on their laps”.

I think that it’s not far from the truth.

There was this family of four, including a male and female offsprings , 6 and 8years old respectively
The parents were very busy, working hard to meet the needs of the family.
Each school day, the mother carried out her routine of taking the kids to school, then to work. At evenings, she brought them back from school, gave them food and went back  to her business until late in the night.
This family lived in one of the “craziest” streets in the town.
To the mother,  she did her best to take care of her children but it wasn’t enough.
The times the children returned from school while their mother went back to work,  they would leave their compound for the streets to mingle and jingle with mates.
It wasn’t long before they learnt all learnables from the streets which included supposed sexuality education.
Your guess is as good as mine. Their parents never mentioned such to them,  neither could they ask questions about what they learnt from the streets since they were warned not to leave their house for the streets.
Their free lessons gradually progressed to experimental stage until the 8 year old went to ease herself one day and found her pant stained with blood.
Not comprehending the strange sight,  she screamed out to her mother for help. But could it be undone? She had lost her virginity, yet her mother explained not a word of what was happening to her.

It’s really sad when children become victims of their parents ignorance or lack of confidence or courage to teach the child what should be known.

This is for all mothers and young ladies,
don’t wait till the time you think is right before you educate your child. Protect them and also relate with them in such a way that they can confide in you without going to the wrong people.
To all fathers and gentlemen, you have a duty as well in this regard. Don’t be shy or afraid to teach them.  Inform them to help them appreciate the need to avoid circumstances, situations, and factors that can lead to premarital sex and other reproductive health.

My sister will always speak this grammar, “ignorance is not an excuse in law” (not sure if I quoted correctly though… Lol)

Our teachers,  religious leaders, the media, we owe it to the younger generation to give them the right information on what they should know. Most times, you notice the priest or pastor avoid messages on sexuality education.
Please, don’t. You are the right sources.
When they don’t get the basics at home, in school,  in churches, a lot of consequences are attached.

Some become rape victims, some even turn the rapists, some resort to masturbation as daily habit and other unhealthy sexual habits, unwanted pregnancies with most leading to unsafe abortions, some are at increased risk of every form of sexually transmitted diseases and the list goes on.

Sure you wouldn’t want any of the above for your kid or ward.
Also, as much as possible look out for the kind of books read, movies watched, internets surfed, peers kept.

P. S… Thanks to God for the wisdom given former miss Nigeria 2013, Ezinne Akudo for establishing the rape crisis centre. I believe that it’s a mission that  will gradually branch out to every state in the country, reaching out to the abused, all and sundry and as well attract sponsors from all walks of life. God bless you for this great mission.


2 thoughts on “PLEASE, DON’T!

  1. beautiful piece….
    l am reminded of a similar incident that happened to me wen I waz small although my own case was on the experimental level..*grinning* I heard Learnt d name of a *hush hush* organ from a pal in skol tho d name wazn’t so intriguing, the excitement that came with the telling waz… and so hurriedly with the very same transferred excitement I went (a running) bck to mama for further explanation well when I presented my case I waz told to *hush cos she waz tired… my case waz postponed indefinitely till wen she waz done resting.. it seems she is still resting up till now.★


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