There are movies and there is ‘a movie’. It’s been a while some drama put up by fellow humans brought me tears but I couldn’t help it when  I saw this movie, God’s not dead. I cried, not that I am an emotional freak nor was the movie a tragedy but because it got me thinking hard.

I asked myself, what if in unpreparedness, I’m asked the big unexpected question by a well knowledgeable atheist….
“can you prove that God exists? ”
I may not be able to quote the works of great philosophers and scientists to disprove them.
I may not have the patience to carry out researches to keep abreast of the myriads of knowledge they have.
I may not even be well versed in scriptural knowledge
But this is what I know….

Each day,
_I have this feeling of talking to someone around me but do not see.
_The feeling to be thankful for waking up.
_The feeling to ask for direction and guidance before leaving for the day’s activity
_A song is put on my lips that the lyrics fit so perfectly to the state of my mind that it makes me wonder, “who is this doing this,  that knows exactly how I feel and what is best for me? ”
_I have this feeling to pray about something and it turns out surprisingly as prayed for.
_I have this feeling of perfect peace of mind even when  it’s obvious that all is not well.
_when I do wrong,  guilt overtakes me and remains until I speak up for forgiveness, then I feel joyous again….and so on.

I don’t know how much of a human or science can explain these “feelings” or would you say it’s just my conscience being active? Trust me,  it’s more than that.

It only makes me believe more in something or someone higher, wiser,  more intelligent, smarter,  etc than I am, that is or who is interested in me,  sees  my future and prepares me for it.

It must be the God I hear about.
It must be Him who is preached in churches and religious gatherings.
It must be Him who it is said, loves us so much.
It must be Him who in the midst of my sorrows, consoles me, giving me peace of mind.

Need I talk about His book? The Good Book.
It’s content amazes me.
It speaks to my specific needs each time it’s consulted. It sees to my making the right decision.
The Bible just is my compass.
I believe it’s no bondage to be led by someone who sees your end from the beginning and guides you right, if you let him.

To Him who has a reason to question God and even doubt his existence which may be due to difficulties or logical reasoning,
You are not alone. He is very much aware of all about you. Hold on and don’t lose faith. He will sure show you the way.  His ways and thoughts are high above ours… Isaiah 55:9
We have a hope of being with the all perfect supreme God in the world to come.
Meanwhile, enjoy His peace of mind.


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