For the first time in a long while

As I walked back home
For the first time in a long while
I let go of my earphone
Concentrating on the real world
I could not help but notice
The beauty of the evening
The peaceful weather


The wind blew aggressively caressing my skin
like one who just found its long lost love
and would not want to let go

My dress clung unto me in all jealousy
but not for long because It could not withstand the fierce wind
It swayed away helplessly
in the wind’s direction
Its loose end fluttering

The coolness of the wind found its way
to the depth of my hair
giving me those chilly feels
Like an ice bath in a very sunny day

My eyes gazed from my left to right and left again like one wanting to cross the high way

I found the grasses dancing like nobody was watching
They even waved at me
I reciprocated with a smile

The tall trees rooted at their respective spots
yet not missing out on the moment
Their branches gave off extreme bends like one of those break dances yet without breaking.

I heard melodies
Behold the birds sang wonderfully combining with the whistling Pines, produced a beautiful melody which rhymed with the waves of the now gentle breeze

I looked up
The yellow cutie up there about to set
smiled gracefully at me 
I think I understood it say,
Enjoy the evening,  my love
I blushed

As I drooled over the savory of the perfect evening love nature gave me
I noticed man-made structures including buildings way taller than I was
I wondered how such wisdom came about

I concluded
There must have been a higher supremacy
Who put all nature in place
Who has given all wisdom to man
and for the moment
I praised God.


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