My today’s story-Goals

I sincerely hope you benefit from what I have to share about my experience today.



During the past few days, a lot happened so fast that I decided to give myself a break.

While the break lingered, I realized I was only drowning in laziness with high doses of undecisiveness on what next to do or how to go about my day.

I said to myself, “for how long do I continue this way?” Besides, I got scared knowing that i battled with the state of grace.

Today, as usual, not waking up from the wrong side of my bed, I set out for my usual routine. When I was done, the undecisiveness set in with absolute confusion on what to do and what not to do to be productive.

Not being clear, I stretched out forgoing whatever I thought and watched movies instead, then entered a deep slumber.

Late in the afternoon, I made a spontaneous decision to go to my house of prayer along with my favorite companions…”book and pen”, to write down my goals in life, as I read in books, the things I want to achieve and all what not hoping it will help me out of my disturbed state.

Well, it happened that as I meditated in the chapel, I asked myself a few questions following my study of Zech 2.

Why do I want to set a goal?

What if I don’t achieve it/them?

The passage stated above made me understand that any goal i set, is based on my earthly limits. That I have been promised that God will be a wall of fire surrounding me to protect me because the contents within me are immeasurable neither will can they be contained within walls(boundaries or limited goals).

Also, if I don’t achieve my set goal, does that mean I didn’t live a fulfilled life?

This is the goal that matters…

Each day, achieve the goal of smiling at your neighbour, spending time with family and loved ones, giving heed to neighbour’s pains, having words of comfort and forgiveness for all, making others feel that they matter.

I also understood that I may set goals, focus on achieving them and then miss out on the more important things in life which brings true happiness, part of which lies in bringing happiness to my neighbours and loved ones…..This is the goal that matters and it gives a fulfilled life each day such that whenever I am gone, I can smile  down to myself and say “well done”.

My duty is to ask for the grace to achieve this daily goal that I may give the world what He has given me…LOVE, then every other thing…..riches, best job, all best things shall be added as “spices to the main dish”.

P.S Feel free to tell me what you think. I would really appreciate. Thank you.


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