The sinner in heaven

The preacher is preaching in the bus and I am thinking…

Why is she preaching, for money?She can’t even quote a passage correctly. Imagine her English. Can I listen to that? Then, i doze off until its over.

While the sermon is going on, I am thinking….

What new message is this priest delivering? He is just reading what he jotted. I have passed this level of telling me to repent. This message is not for me. Goodness should have been here because this message is for her.

While the worship songs are being rendered, I am thinking…

Can’t these people sing the trending songs? Ohhh, all these Igbo songs,i tire. I can sing better than that voice. I wish i were in charge. Sing the songs that will lift our spirits, please.

The praises begin and I am thinking…

Hmmm, I can’t dance here with these people. I need to maintain who I am. This man beside me should take it easy, he is clapping too loud. Is he the only one here?

The prayer session begins and I am thinking….

This woman should tone down her voice, I can’t hear myself. Are these people really under anointing or are they faking it? This prayer is too long. They should just end so that we can do other things.

While the preacher preaches, he listens.

During the sermon, he listens and takes note to check up later.

While the worship goes on, he lets go of all wordliness and worships his God.

During the praises, he dances, sings, claps because he is wowed by the yet-another-chance given him by God despite his unfaithfulness.

At the prayer session, he cries out, confessing his sins and prays for renewal.

While I am thinking, the supposed sinner makes peace with his God because he recognizes his short comings.

The “saint” leaves the worship arena the same and even unknowingly worse, while the “sinner” goes home, now a saint.

Such is life! Things seem to get scarier as we climb that spiritual ladder with humility gradually taking its leave. 

The goodnews is the saints will be the saints, the sinners turned saints will be the saints but watch it, the saint who thinks he stands lest he falls.


2 thoughts on “The sinner in heaven

  1. Nice piece dear. I’ve finally gone 2ru it all nd indeed u’r doing a great job….. water every seed dat God has planted in u dat thy fruits may be abundant, thumbs up gal!


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