I wish, I wish

How I wish I am as tall as that girl.

How I wish I had all those admired curves and all.

How I wish I could have the 6packs just like my neighbour.

How I wish I’ve got those long straight legs.

Awwww….why am I this thin.

Why am I on the heavy side?

……..and the questions and wishes go on and on.

These thoughts don’t make one abnormal, I think. It is ok to admire them but not going out of your way to do all the liposuctions, boobs and butt implants,etc .

I ask myself such sometimes, the truth being that we want the best or rather what the world sees as the best.

Returning from getting something for the morning today, I noticed my neighbours gather in front of an apartment. On getting closer, I realized, they were looking for a way to enter the house because smoke was leaving through every space in the kitchen area. Obviously, food was left on fire was burning as the house owner had gone for work. We cracked our heads looking for the best way to open the apartment without much damage. With my minute observation skill, I noticed through a little opening, one of the doors could be unbolted from within. Without much ado, I admitted my index fingers attempting to unlock the bolt, and yes! I did. I alerted others, feeling like a hero….lol. The house was salvaged.

Don’t get carried away by the story. My point is this….most people that shake hands with me always end up with remarks like……”jeez, ur hands are too small or look at those tiny fingers, can they even do anything?” Today, it was the “hero hands”.

I used to have this teacher with not-near-an-average kind of legs but when she transfers her knowledge, your eyes deviates from to legs to the amazement of how much she knows and loves what she does.

When I broke part of my tooth back during the junior school days, I was so ashamed of myself that I couldn’t afford laughing in public. If I did, I ended up with a wierd laughing style trying to cover up my supposed shame but when I laugh now, I let it out so loud that you may not notice because I am interested in my joy and not in what you really think.FB_IMG_1424012917529

I realize that it is not about the minus in any part of your body but the joy that radiates from you at all times loving every bit of whom you are. When you are more concerned about what you don’t have, you unconsciously transfer negative energy to those around you which isn’t fair.

Let us try to live free and be happy with the unique ways we are because you and I have been beautifully created by God for special purposes.



2 thoughts on “I wish, I wish

  1. Even the short sighted is king of vision in his environment than the long sighted.
    Ezyyyy, nothing indeed is to be taken for granted.

    A ridge is always smaller than a hill
    The hill is high with a lofty thrill
    But its from the ridge that plants do grow
    And not the hill with its stone.

    Thanks for this dear.

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