Sometimes, its about Us

On that typical day, we all anticipated a near-cruise journey of a few hours to and fro Anambra. Well, its said…”man proposes,God disposes”
The forward journey was somewhat a trial that we thought of forfeiting the burial we were attending. Well, we crossed the hurdle only to be met by a worse situation during the return journey. The bus we boarded was no where near road-worthy but i wonder how we managed to remain faithful passengers….ranging from the numerous stops every 15mins to top up water, to the steaming heat we endured during each episode, to the cutting of fan belt in a no-go-area. It was the actual description of hell-of-a-journey.

Enduring the steaming heat with each episode...#survivalstrategy¬†Enduring the steaming heat with each episode…#survivalstrategy

During one of the “nightmares” on the return journey, the longest stop actually, something happened. A speeding vehicle didn’t notice the puppy crossing the road. Suddenly, the dog was hit by the bus. We got closer to the scene to see the dog battling not to give in to death with its last strength. It struggled until it couldn’t no more. As i watched keenly as the dog stretched into a lateral lying posture, uncontrollable tears streamed from my lacrimals. As if that was not enough, another speeding vehicle ran over it. I let out a loud shrill refusing to look on, then secluded myself from the scene to continue weeping.
The very thing being that i am among those that hate dogs to the marrows since after my encounter of being bitten by one….they scare the hell out of me, i didn’t believe i could be moved let alone cry uncontrollably for a much detested dog while others made jest of how stupid or whatever it was.
I just realized that sometimes, its not about who or what may have offended us that we’ve sworn not to forgive. Sometimes, its about us to let go because deep within us, there is some love left but we are afraid of what may become of us if we let go without any form of revenge.
There is almost always light at the end of the tunnel….why not try letting go. #loveconquerethallthings

Peace people.


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