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You see, what i am about to tell you, some get skeptical about it for fear of being tagged..”the devil”. Its becoming a burden which i have to share,you may be involved.

To my distress, about two years ago or more,i returned from school to realize that my house was being surrounded by churches…let me count…one,two……six precisely. I’m sorry for those surrounded by more .

After the stressful journey,i laid my head to rest on that typical friday. I didn’t know that was a vigil friday for most of them. Just about 30mins into my sleep, the ‘war’ started. The worst being that they all had their speakers outside almost facing each other. How could one possibly be converted ,if that was their intention, since one cannot make out a sentence from the various thundrous outpourings. I managed to sleep with my headset hoping that the various messages ended soon.

Little did i know that was just the beginning which i believe was partly influenced by the relocation of traders from umuahia main market.

As i got home last year,about 3 extra churches were added with one just next to our building. It actually got me wondering if my area was the ‘new Jerusalem’. Well, in order to maintain the supposed spirituality, we all remained calm. This is ‘false’ calmness because how can i be under the same roof with my mum yet i can’t hear when she calls let alone relax during my siesta because of crusades or vigils,etc

Don’t get me wrong. I am not ‘anti-‘ to any of the above because i am a JesusLover.

Please, if in any way you are involved in any of the above, i recommend the following..

Place your speakers within your church. There is time for everything. We may not share the same devotion time.

As much as possible,if you can’t keep to the above, site your fellowship areas not so close to residential buildings.

God bless us all as we make our environments a safer haven for each other .



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